Passion Domes

Passion Dome Building Instructions - 30'


  • 24 pieces of 10'x1.5" PVC pipe
  • 30 pieces of 1.5" PVC threaded male couplers
  • 30 pieces of 1.5" PVC threaded female couplers
  • PVC primer & brush
  • PVC extra strong glue & brush
  • 12 pieces of 4'x0.5" rebar stakes
  • 12 pieces of 1.5'x0.5" PVC pipe
  • 12 cable ties or metal chicken wire
  • 200' nylon cord
  • 40' round parachute (about 1250sq. ft.)
  • 30' round tarp (about 700sq. ft. circular area)
  • The above are exact quentities needed. Take extra, particularly couplers!


  • Silicon spray and brush - to clean the couplers
  • Wire cutter - to cut the chicken wire and cord
  • Sledge hammer - to insert rebar stakes
  • Vice grip - to pull out rebar stakes
  • 2 1.75" ranch - to disassemble pipes
  • PVC cutter/saw - to cut & fix broken pipes
  • 8' ladder - to hang stuff on roof


  • Glue a male and a female coupler at the end of each 10' pipe. Important: first apply primer to both parts, and let them dry. Then glue with extra strong PVC glue
  • While transporting the pipes, cover the ends to protect the couplers' threads from dirt and damage

Set Up (See Passion Dome Design)

  • Assemble 6 40' poles by connecting each 40' pole from 4 10' pipe. Use the silicon spray and brush to thoroughly clean the couplers before assembly.
  • Add corresponding threaded coupler at both sides of each pole to protect the end pieces
  • Mark a 30' circle on the ground, using a stake and a 15' cord.
  • Insert 12 rebar stakes around the circle, 7'9" apart, 2' into the ground, leaving 1' above the ground (in sand or soft ground use longer rebar stakes).
  • Insert a 1.5'x0.5" pipe on each of the stakes.
  • Insert the 6 poles on the stakes in a star layout. Tip: each pole touches two stakes that are 5 stakes appart on the circle.
  • Connect the poles at the 12 intersections using cable ties or chicken wire. The ties should face down to avoid damaging the cover.
  • Tie cord guides around the dome at the ground level, and preferably also at 7' from the ground.
  • Put the cover on the dome, stretch it, and secure to the cord guides.
  • Put the tarp on the ground and secure it to the stakes with cords.
  • Secure the dome with additional guides based on the expected winds.